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The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee appointed to find a new Minister for St Machar’s is as follows:

Mr Alan Grant, Convener, Professor David Hewitt, Vice Convener, Miss Jan McRobbie, Clerk; Dr Shona Buxton, Mrs Jane Cameron, Mr Cameron Campbell, Ms Judith Norton, Mr Sam Paul, Mrs Elspeth Ross, Mr Peter Stephen, Professor Philip Ziegler and Mrs Rhoda Mowat (representing St Mary’s Church).

The Committee has now begun its work. It has received from the Kirk Session the Parish and Ministerial Profiles, both of which are available for download on this Website. The Parish Profile describes the parish congregation and daily life of St Machar’s for the assistance of any minister who might be interested in the charge; the Ministerial Profile attempts to describe the qualities we are seeking in our new minister.

Advertisements will be placed in Life and Work shortly and the Committee’s best estimate is that the closing date for applications is likely to be in the first two months of 2021.

Further updates will be given as the Committee’s work progresses

Parish Profile

Ministerial Profile