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The complex process of finding a new Minister is moving forward. After the review of the Electoral Register and inviting nominations we have now managed to appoint the Nominating Committee, whose daunting task will be to find the right minister for St Machar’s. The Committee is listed below, along with other items relevant to the recruitment process.

Nominating Committee Elected 30.09.2020:

Dr Shona Buxton, Mrs Jane Cameron, Mr Cameron Campbell, Mr Alan Grant, Professor David Hewitt, Miss Jan McRobbie, Ms Judith Norton, Mrs Elspeth Ross, Mr Sam Paul, Mr Peter Stephen and Professor Philip Ziegler,

There will also be a representative or representatives of our partner churches, St George’s Tillydrone, St Mary’s King Street and St Stephen’s Powis Terrace, They are the churches with whom we will be working to form a Parish Grouping and with whom we will be building close relationships.

Candidates in Same Sex Marriages or Civil Partnerships

The Church of Scotland current formal position is that no candidate in such a relationship may be considered. But, recognising the very deeply held views on this matter, the General Assembly has enacted legislation which allows Kirk Sessions to vote by secret ballot to depart from the Church’s position if it so chooses. The Kirk Session of St Machar’s has now voted on two occasions to depart and so, applications from candidates in such relationships will therefore be considered.

Ministerial and Parish Profiles

The Kirk Session is drawing up the above documents. The Ministerial Profile will set out the attributes of the type of minister we think we are looking for; the Parish Profile intends to give candidates an idea of what we are like and the kind of challenges we think the successful candidate will face when appointed.

Both profiles are due to be approved by the Kirk Session on 27th October. They will then be handed to the Nominating Committee for their guidance in the recruitment process. They will also be made available to any inquiring minister and published on the Website.