Sunday 20/05/18

Monday morning 21/05/18

Tuesday morning 22/05/18

Wednesday morning 23/05/18

Friday morning 25/05/18

Monday afternoon 28/05/18

Thursday afternoon 24/05/18

Old wall uncovered

Thursday afternoon 31/05/18

Installing AV cables

Monday morning 04/06/18

Wednesday afternoon 06/06/18

Friday afternoon 08/06/18

Wednesday afternoon 13/06/18

Paving completed, joints still to be pointed

Work on south side started

Wednesday morning 20/06/18

Pointing joints north section

Laying of paving near completion

South section almost there

Pointing joints south section

levelling existing stone paving centre isle

Friday afternoon 22/06/18

Centre isle almost complete

Joiners in Chancel

Wednesday afternoon 27/06/18

Joiner ready to install flooring

Centre isle complete

Saturday afternoon 30/06/18

New and replacement flooring being layed

Last of the paving being layed

Audio equipment being installed

Wednesday morning 04/07/18

Joiner completing laying floor

Paving complete

Installing audio desk

Friday afternoon 06/07/18

Audio system completed

Joiner work completed

Floor complete and washed
Monday morning 09/07/18

Saturday 07/07/18

Installation of new pews, almost finished
Thursday afternoon 12/07/18

Installation of new pews complete, first service today
Friday morning 13/07/18

Back to normal, getting ready for the first service after the alterations.
Sunday morning 15/07/18