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Music at St Machar’s Cathedral

Music at Services at the Cathedral of St.Machar.

Choral Music

There is a thriving choir of over 30 members, including Choral Scholars, that sings at the Sunday morning Service at 11.  The Choir has an extensive repertoire, ranging from medieval plainchant to pieces which have been written in the twenty first century. The Choir usually makes two contributions to the Service - an Anthem and a Motet during the Offertory collection.  Three items are included at the monthly Communion Service on the last Sunday of the month.

During the next few weeks the Choir will include works written by former members of the University of Aberdeen.  These will start with an Anniversary Anthem by Sir Charles Stanford Terry (May 7th), and will also include compositions by former Heads of the Music Department, Reginald Barrett-Ayres (May 14), and Roger B.Williams (May 21st).

The full details of the music to be heard at each Service are included in the Order of Service and are published on accompanying pages of this website.  

April 30th  - Third Sunday of Easter - Communion  

 a) Kyrie (Missa: Sine Nomine)                               L.Viadana

b) Sanctus  (  “    )

c) Agnus Dei (  “  )

May 7th. – Fourth Sunday of Easter  - Baptism

a) Cantique de Jean Racine                          G.Fauré

b) Lead me, Lord                                        S.S.Wesley

May 14th. – Fifth Sunday of Easter

a) Where shall wisdom be found?                 C.S.Terry

b) I will praise thee, O God                           R.Barrett-Ayres

May 21st  - Sixth Sunday of Easter

a) Let all the world                                      R.B.Williams

b) God be in my head                                 M.Dalby

May 28 – Sunday after Ascension – Communion

 a) O Come, ye servants of the Lord C.Tye

 b) My eyes for beauty pine                                   H.Howells

 c) O Sacrum convivium,                                        R.B.Williams

June 4th. – Pentecost(Baptism)

 a) If ye love me                                                   T.Tallis

 b) Come, Holy Ghost                                           T.Attwood

 c) The Lord bless you                                          R.B.Williams

June 11th. – Trinity Sunday(Baptism)

 a) Holy, Holy, Holy                                               F.Schubert

 b) O Sing joyfully                                                A.Batten

June 18th – Second Sunday after Pentecost

 a) Sing we merrily                                               S.Campbell

 b) Thy Perfect Love                                             J.Rutter

June 25th – Third Sunday after Pentecost – Communion

 a) Wash me thoroughly                                       D.Halls

 b) Ave verum corpus                                           W.A.Mozart

 c) O taste and see                                               Vaughan Williams.

Organ Music

The Cathedral has a fine three-manual organ by ‘Father’ Willis which recently celebrated its 125th anniversary.  Organ music in the Easter period will include a brief survey of music by the German family of organist composers from the seventeenth century, named Praetorius. Works by father Hieronymus (April 30th and May 7th) with sons Johann and Jakob (May 14, 21 and 28) will include varied works, both those using pre-existing Chorales and original pieces.

April 30th. (Communion)

Kyrie Paschale                                                       Hieronymus Praetorius (1560-1629)

Victimae Paschali Laudes

May 7th.

Magnificat Germanice                                              Hieronymus Praetorius

Qui sedes ad dexteram(Gloria)

May 14th

Vater unser in Himmelreich                                      Johann Praetorius (1595-1660)

Praeambulum (Dorisch)                                           Jakob Praetorius (1586-1651)

May 21st.

Wir glauben all an einen Gott                                  Johann  Praetorius

Praeambulum (Mixolydisch)                                     Jakob Praetorius

May 28th.

Ich ruf zu dir                                                         Johann Praetorius

Praeambulum (F Major)                                           Jakob Praetorius

Director of Music and Organist Dr. Roger B.Williams, M.B.E.



Saturday 27th May 2:30pm: Langset Choir (Norway)

Saturday 3rd June 7:30pm: Grampian Chamber Orchestra